Winter is here

With the winter already here, what will you be wearing to keep warm?

I personally love scarves, hats and gloves that will be perfect for the colder seasons. I also love inexpensive scarves that are still good but don’t cost you so much. I have been looking at some websites to find good scarves but that won’t take all of your money.

There are some beautiful scarves on There are stylish scarves and warm winter scarves for you to choose from. Their prices range from 19-24 Dollars so not that expensive.  They have 100% Chiffon scarves and they also have wool and cotton mix scarves and for the price you are getting it’s pretty good.

There are really nice warm scarves and fashionable scarves on ranging from 8-30 Euro so very affordable. have very nice scarves aswell just a bit more pricey, pricey for me because converting pounds to euro it makes it more expensive. I got a scarf from there, well a snood, and it cost me either 18 or 20 Euro. But their prices range from 12-60 Pounds (one item being 60). also have very nice but are on the pricier range ranging from 15-120 Euro (0ne item being 120) but the good thing about Zara is that they are always very good quality so you wouldn’t go wrong with them.

Those are more mainstream shops I know but they do have good value and are very good quality. So I hope that this helped and if you have any other suggestions for shops that sell good quality scarves then leave a comment with it.

Beautify yourself.

You are Beautiful..


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