Bare Minerals…A MUST Purchase

Ever since I purchased Cosmopolitan Magazine (in July) I’ve had a coupon to get a 10 day trial for Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals, Foundation and only today I decided to use it and try it out…Thank goodness it was valid till the 30th of September!

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

The reason for me not going before was because I didn’t think I needed to since I don’t wear foundation now that my skin has been clear for quiet a while and I HATE foundations! I hate them because..

1. I could never find my skin colour. Not even Loreal’s True Match could match my skin tone.

2. I hated the feeling of having heavy and cakey make up on my skin…it felt like I put loads of oil on my skin. Ok I did keep repurchasing it because I needed it back then but I really hated it!

So I decided today to just go and try it out because I could wear it on special occasions and it was stupid to waste this opportunity. Boy am I glad I did!

I knew that Bare Minerals used all natural ingredients and was free from preservatives but what I didn’t know, obviously, was that they had my colour and that when put on over their primer it felt like there was nothing on my skin and my skin looked FLAWLESS! Ok I don’t have bad skin right now but my gosh it evened out my skin tone and it was just AMAZING!

The other good thing about it is that the girl at the bare minerals counter in Brown Thomas in Limerick, who was lovely by the way..wish I knew her name so I could mention her here, she put on the foundation at around half 5 and it stayed on till a few mins ago (it is half 3am now). It was like I had only put it on a few mins ago instead of half 5 earlier in the day. It was probably also because of their primer that she applied before the foundation.

I have never been wowed by a foundation, not even the MAC foundation, this foundation is amazing. Truly amazing. Even though I will only really be using it for special occasions I’m still going to buy it when I can.

Here’s what this foundation is free from:

Free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts, its ideal for all skin types and conditions, from sensitive skins to acne and rosacea. The weightless, silky minerals give you flawless coverage with the amazing look and sensation of radiant bare skin. Plus, it provides natural SPF 15 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

What’s not to love?


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