Burberry Body Perfume..

Ever since I had heard, from Fleur De Force’s blog, I wanted to get the sample of their new fragrance soooo BAD… Anything to try out before you buy is a very good thing! 😀

I have had one of their fragrances before Burberry Women and I LOVE it! (Thank you to my boyfriend’s mum). If you haven’t tried this fragrance before…you must! It is a beautiful sweet feminine perfume…Like I said in the Christian Lacroix post I’m not good at describing fragrances. But I do think you will LOVE this scent.

But anyway back to my excitedness to receive the new fragrance sample… I ordered the sample through their Facebook page.

I think you can still order a sample…if you haven’t already 😀

I ordered it last week…still waiting 😦 But still excited!

If any of you have gotten the full size or even the sample let me know if you like it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Burberry Body Perfume..

    • Aaahh I can’t wait to get mine even more now then… So far it seems like it’s loved. I don’t normally go for Burberry perfumes but I loved their Burberry Woman one…it’s a round kind of bottle and it’s delicious. So yea if I like it I’ll know which one I’ll go for next 😀
      I’m loving the Christian Lacroix Nuit one though. It’s also delicious. Have you tried it?

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