Don’t give up…that’s what I learned today

Ok…ok I’m sorry bout this post but……

I’m very excited…because I just won a Jewelmint Giveaway that was on Jenn Staz’s blog ( you must check out her blog! ) She has very informative stuff about what you may not know about what you are putting on your skin.


Anyways I have been checking up the Jewelmint website and just wished I had some money to buy the beautiful Jewelry there. And this is why I am soooo excited right now because I actually won one of their pieces!

Thank you Jenn…first giveaway I have won…first anything I have won.

Shows that if you keep hoping and continue you will get anything…and I am not talking about giveaways I’m talking about your goals. I have entered over 40 giveaways (that’s what not having money does to you 😦 ) and never heard back from anyone till now.

So if you ever feel like giving up on anything don’t because perseverance pays off

You are beautiful…you are powerful

Beautify yourself


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