New found nail polish love

I have never really liked to paint my nails different colours before I just only had a black Rimmel nail varnish and a clear Rimmel nail varnish. I used to always wear black though and last year I finally decided to change it up a bit so I got all dark colours…of course. I love purples and reds and last year I bought a Midnight Blue by Maybelline and I really love it.

But now since I have been reading alot of beauty blogs and watching their videos and of course joined Beautylish (twice-couldn’t remember my first username  I had signed up with ages ago) I have, basically, wanted to try out more nail varnishes. What that has led to now is wanting to get and try different colours that I would never have tried before like browns and lighter blues and corally colours. (excuse me for that 🙂 )

And I just want to say thank you very much for that because I would never have found out that I love those kind of colours. Even though I know it’s Autumn and soon it’ll be Winter (well it is winter here in Ireland already…dreading that big freeze the weather reporters say we’re gonna have :S) and darker colours are more the thing to wear on your nails but it is nice to, especially if you are just discovering new colours, to try out colours that might not be for Autumn and Winter but are lovely. (Hope you get what I mean there).

But yes once again thank you to those Beauty gurus (like TiffanyD, JennStaz, CarlyCristman, FleurDeForce, VivaAdonis, FluffandFripperies, ) who have made me want to dress up my nails and try out those beautiful colours that  I would have shyed away from before.

In the photos that you will see here I am just showing you the nail varnishes I have and possibly by the end of this week I will be posting a review on each of them 🙂

Midnight Blue

No. 9

Midnight Blue




Nail Effects







Top Coat







What are your favourite Nail Varnishes? Have you always loved Nail Varnishes? Or have you just gotten into them like me?


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