Sigma Affiliate

I have become a Sigma Affiliate which means I can tell you about the great products that will be coming out and about the wonderful company Sigma. I have wanted to be a Sigma Affiliate since I started watching TiffanyD youtube videos. I think she had a link there where she told you about becoming one. This was probably 2 years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t because…well I’m not sure. But now after being an Avon Representative I decided to become a Sigma Affiliate because I know from reviews and from Tiffany always using them and her reviews on them that they are really good products aswell as Avon 🙂

I am still an Avon Representative though and I still love the Avon products so I’m not quitting that even though sometimes I want to because it’s very hard work and I don’t think that many people know what it’s like but believe me it’s hard!

I have received an email telling me the great products that are coming out soon (The Cities Collection will be out on the 21st) and believe me they’re gorgeous!

Want some 18kGold? Keep coming back to find out when you can get yourself some! 🙂

I’m very excited to be a part of a wonderful cosmetic brand with their wonderful brushes to their new product that dries your brushes and helps your brushes keep their shape when drying them. Tiffany D reviewed them here Also their gorgeous eye shadow palettes and more!

I hope to be able to try their products out aswell so I can tell you more about them 🙂

So I hope you will check their products out and hope you enjoy them! 🙂


Beautify yourself..


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