Bare Minerals Original Foundation

I have already told you that this foundation is a must buy…and I still believe it is. Just want to tell you a bit more about it 🙂

and why I love it so much.

Hope it’s useful for you too 🙂

Get started kit

Ok so first off why this foundation is so wonderful is because it’s a natural it’s good for your skin 🙂

The ingredients are:

Ingredients of the products

Ingredients for products

The foundation is like no other I have tried…I probably haven’t tried alot to say that really but what I’ve tried is enough for me and my skin. It is so lightweight and makes your skin look flawless! And the best thing is that it is like you’re not wearing any foundation! Unbelievable? No. I promise you. You use the tiniest amount and immediately you see the result. Beautiful flawless skin and your skin can breathe. It isn’ t cakey and you can build up the coverage that you need. Now I, thank goodness, don’t need to cover up too much but I do have big pores and some little blemishes that pop up every now and then (like now!) but it covers it so well that it looks like my skin is always flawless and healthy.

I am also so happy with this because I actually found my skin tone! But the kit I bought has two foundation shades for you to mix if you are in between the two shades which is great because then you can find your true shade.

The Get Started kit I got contains 2 shades (Light and fairly light) all over colour (used for contouring) 3 brushes,  Bisque (concealer) and a translucent powder (Mineral Veil) Also it has a dvd and a 1ml sample of their wonderful primer Prime Time (which I then bought because it’s fantastic!) The kit has a value of over 100 Euros but cost me 65. I know it’s expensive anyway but everything will last you for so long because it’s a mineral powder and you only need the tiniest amount. So it’s well worth the price. The foundation alone is 25 though but that is if you have found your skin tone, if you are looking for that of course 🙂

Have you tried the foundation? Would you want to try it?


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