FOTD (yesterday)

FOYD(face of yesterday)

They're Real

I know this is probably stupid posting this FOTD since I did it yesterday but I wanted to show you something. On thursday I got Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and I know everyone has been going on about it how it’s good and all that. I did believe it but you really don’t know until you’ve tried it and…O MY GOD!!!  It’s unreal! and this is what my eyelashes looked like after one coat of it!

Benefit's They're Real mascara

It is ridiculous!! I used to have Bad Gal before this and thought that my sample of Lancome’s Definicils was good but Jaysus! this mascara is brilliant!! It opens up my eyes and remember this was using one coat and no more.

I love the way it has hmm…whats that thing called…well when you are taking out the wand it kind of takes away the excess off the wand…(can you leave me a comment with what it’s called please) Well it has that and it doesn’t clump your lashes and as you can see it seperates your lashes! At the tip of the wand it is in a round shape and is perfect for getting your bottom lashes or the inner corner lashes that are soo hard to get.

Just make sure you have eye make up remover…I don’t..yet.

This is my favourite mascara yet! I’m still gonna try Bare Mineral’s Brushless mascara that Fleur DeForce reviewed here It’s supposed to be good.  But I’m gonna go through with this one first…or who knows I might need some retail therapy soon and might buy it haha..we’ll see 🙂

I love the poster advertising it 🙂

Benefit They're Real mascara

Have you tried the mascara? What did you think of it?


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