Benefit False Lashes

Last week when I went into Brown Thomas in town I went there to get a highlighter. Alison, the girl at the counter showed me their new highlighter Watts Up and I love it! And yes I bought it! It cost me €34.50 pretty expensive but I do think it will last long. As I was going to pay she let me know that there was a complimentary make over and of course I booked it and she also let me know that they came out with false lashes. They have 8 different lashes from natural to dramatic ones and she told me that they’re going to come out with 12 in total so watch this space!

She also told me that if you have a party to go to you can book an appointment with them and they’ll put on your lashes and you don’t have to buy anything! Which is great and then you bring back the lashes the next day! Great for if you have trouble putting on fake lashes! Like me, I’m useless with them.

I’m going to be trying out the dramatic ones next week and I can’t wait! I’ll be reviewing them after to let you know if the ones I’ve tried are good and worth buying. Their lashes cost €14. So they better be good because with that price tag they must do what they say they’ll do! This is what they say in their brochure
“Our new lashes are custom-designed to fit precisely so you can apply without having a meltdown.”

But with their great products that they’ve come out with so far, They’re Real Mascara and Watts Up!, I have confidence in them 🙂
Will you be trying/buying out their new lashes?
What do you think of their products? Do you like fake lashes?


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