Have been MIA for a while now and I know I have said that I would be doing loads more posts last time I was missing from my blog but unfortunately due to some things going on at home, not being able to find a job(like everyone else), thinking of going back to college but not really knowing what to do and also not really being motivated to blog I just didn’t want to post blogs when I wasn’t really into it. Probably not an excuse.

I hope nothing will interfere with me writing posts on my blog. I’ve actually have been missing it alot.

I’m sure this has happened to alot of bloggers but I feel bad for not posting anything on here and neglecting it.

But yes I will be starting to post again.

I have bought some stuff and would love to review it for you and hope to help you out..to help you decide if it’s worth buying or not.

I will be adding a new page, it will be showcasing all the swatches so it’ll be easier to see the products and the posts will have a link to it’s swatches.

I hope everything goes good from now on and I hope you will find my blog useful.

Thank  you for sticking with me and thank you for reading.


You are beautiful.


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