Jeffrey Campbell obsession

As you can tell from the title you can already guess what this is going to be about. But yes after i don’t know how many months I have been lusting after jeffrey campbell Litas! I don’t know how many times I have gone onto and many more looking at Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Wishing that one day I could afford to get them.

Going on and didn’t help my eagerness to get em AT ALL. I was like a little child. Drooling over them and thinking that if I saved (it would have taken me months to save enough) I could get em eventually. But I’m too impatient to save. I blame the wonderful clothes and make up I keep wanting to buy because of watching youtube videos! I am broke by the end of the week…but my closet and drawers are now full of high low hem skirts and dresses and make up!

I have a BIG problem. 😦

But now since I will be going to Dublin in June I have made myself save. Soooo I, (with the help of my dad because I don’t have a credit card BUT I will be paying him back the exact amount)after looking up solestruck and formosa and finding they were all sold out, I went to and they had my size!!! If you are looking for litas go there cos I checked today and they’re still in stock but I bet not for too long.

The excitement is like I’ve never experiences before…well…over shoes anyway! I kept checking all weekend to see if I got any emails and also if on their website on my account it said anything bout them being dispatched. I was like a crazy person! But today I got an email saying they were dispatched and will be delivered on the 2nd! Ahhhhh can’t wait!!


I will be getting the black leather ones and some day hopefully by the end of this year I will be getting the black spiked ones. They’re soooo delicious looking!

Anyways I’ll stop now cos I sound like an I don’t know what haha.

But yes dooo tell me if you have bought Jeffrey Campbell litas and what you think about them and also if you are obsessed with them as I am! 🙂

You are beautiful.


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