My JCs

As you may know already probably around 2 or 3 months I, with the help of my dad, got Lita Españas off Office. I have never been so excited for anything before like I was for these. It took 2 days to arrive and I was so excited that I woke up at 8am thinking they would come at 9. But I waited and waited…and waited. They finally arrived in the afternoon and I hurriedly went inside to my room and opened the box and there they were…my gorgeous Litas!

I was so happy and excited (sorry I keep saying that word) that my heart was racing and I couldn’t stop smiling. When I put them on I was so shocked that even though they look scarily high it was like I had flats on. I kept saying to my parents while I was jumping up and down and walking up and down our hall ‘They don’t feel like I’m wearing high heels’ over and over again.

I told myself, because I’m normally bad with high heels I buy (I only really wear them once)), that I would wear them every day and make them my every day shoes. And…I have and my gosh they are god damn gorgeous! My mum hates them but I love them and they make me tall! 😀

But yes since I bought them (I just have to pay my dad back 24 euro) I have always worn them. I do find that after 3 hours straight of walking my feet start to hurt but just sit down for a little bit and when you go to walk again it’s like you just put them on. That’s what I find anyways.

As soon as I can again I will definitely get another pair and hopefully they will be the spiked ones that I’m still obsessing over. But jeepers these go with everything! I definitely recommend them to beginners in heels…to anyone. They’re comfy and don’t feel like a high heel. When they arrived I thought they were the original Litas but when I had seen a comparison that Solestruck put up on their instagram of the España and the original Lita I could see that I had gotten the España ones. They look bigger but they are still gorgeous and comfortable. And they’re the recent ones he brought out and they’re made in Spain.

Hmm maybe some of you have already bought them…what do you think?
What are your experience with them?

Thanks for reading 🙂

You are Beautiful!


5 thoughts on “My JCs

  1. Hey,
    I’m kind of doubting to buy them or not.
    Could you maybe mail me some outfit pictures wearing them?
    Or maybe the link of an outfit post on your blog?
    I can’t find it, if it’s there. What about the size?

    • Hi 🙂

      I unfortunately don’t have any outfit posts up on here yet..I’m thinking of either starting a new blog with outfit posts and all that or maybe just put everything here. I’m not sure what to do yet 🙂 I have 3 outfits though on

      But the good thing about these shoes is is that you can wear them with almost everything you have. You can wear them with a girly dress or with an edgier outfit. You can really pair them with any outfit you have. I wear them with my pants, my disco pants, my skirts, my shorts and my dresses. They are, like I’ve stated before, very very comfortable. I wear mine everyday and just can’t wear my boots or my flats anymore because they feel like a flat even though they give you height and they are great.

      There are some outfits up on Tumblr and Lookbook showing how they put together their outfits with their Litas. I will have some links for you 🙂 But it depends on your own style and what you like 🙂

      If you can at all maybe go into a shoe shop where they are selling them and try them on. But if you can’t you don’t have to worry though because you won’t be disappointed when you get them. I wasn’t and haven’t.

      They run true to size. I am a side 3 UK which is a European 36 but since they are American sizing a size 3 would be a size 6 in the US. So if you are a size 5 UK, European size 38 then you should order size 8. I hope it isn’t confusing but if it is all shoe websites have a sizing chart which is helpful 🙂

      I hope you have found this helpful 🙂

      Lookbook Links:
      Girly Look
      Edgy Look
      Girly Look

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