I have been following this website on twitter and have liked them on Facebook for quite a bit now but never really purchased anything. It wasn’t cos I didn’t like anything it was just because I didn’t know if I should buy anything…having no money really isn’t good.

I have been looking everywhere for high waisted shorts and cut-offs everywhere here where I am and the only place really where I could find them was in River Island and I did buy a pair but they cost me 30 euro! I hesitantly paid for them a couple of months ago but I’m happy I did. However I keep going back there and they have the shorts but unfortunately they are a bit more expensive now. The quality is good…well from the pair I bought. But yea I just couldn’t pay nearly 40 for another pair. So I have been looking with no luck. Until I checked on East73rd.ie and found Vintage Levi shorts for 25 euro!!

I emailed Sarah who runs East73rd and she was so lovely I had asked her for a dark washed high waisted shorts in waist 26 and she had found one for me and was very helpful emailing me and they arrived yesterday. They are very good quality even though they’re vintage. They look like I had bought them from the shop brand new!

I love them so much that I had to get another pair today…just a few minutes ago 😀 I got them in a size 28 though because the 26 ones are a bit tight on me.

I suggest ye check her online store out because she has great vintage Levi shorts that are a great quality. She has great photos up of each pair of shorts so you can see what they look like. But she doesn’t only have shorts in the store, she also has vintage bags, shoes and more so definitely check it out. If you see something you like you should definitely get it because it could be sold out next time you check back.

Oh! and she has 10% off till this Friday, 8th of June, the code is Happy Summer
If you live in Ireland its 3.80 standard shipping. Not too bad.

Great online store to check out!

Enjoy 🙂

You are Beautiful!

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