Hair Modeling

This is connected to the previous post…as you probably have guessed from the title haha πŸ™‚ I wanted to post about the hair modeling because I wanted to tell you about my experience πŸ™‚

I have been a hair model now for a year. It was something that I used to think about going in and see if I could be one after always seeing signs on salon windows as I passed by but I never dared go in because of my insecurities. I used to think..and still think a bit..that why would they want me. I’m not that pretty to be a hair model. So I never went and asked salons even though it was free hair cuts! I don’t know if it’s the same where you are but getting your hair done is a Luxury…it costs so much! Here it costs 60 with a senior and 45 with a graduate..but I guess if you do come out with a gorgeous colour and cut it’s worth it. But as you can see…expensive!Β 

I became a hair model when a gorgeous and talented creative hairdresser called me and asked if I wanted to be a hair model for her for the In Salon Awards…we didn’t win (unfortunately) but it was so creative and unique.

I think it was last March or April when I was asked to be a part of the Colour Trophy and of course I said yes! I was so excited for it and for the whole experience…well when I found out what I’d be doing I got excited because I would get to walk on the catwalk with others and also with one of the models from Britain and Irelands Next Top Model.Β 

We got through to the finals and they were on last week, sadly we didn’t win but it was wonderful that we had gotten through to the finals. It was a great night and I love the atmosphere and something I will say…Hair stylists are so stylish…they have the best style!Β 

I have only seen them wear Jeffrey Campbells, I never seen any one else here wear em. I think I’m the only one who wears them where I live…and I don’t know why because they are sooo amazing! and comfy!

The night of the finals I had to change out of the high heels I was wearing into my Litas because my feet were swollen but as soon as I put on my Litas my feet were happy!

But yes back to the hair modelling πŸ˜€ If you want to be a hair model…or are thinking about it and you don’t really care what they do to your hair then definitely do. You will get a free hair cut and colour πŸ™‚Β BUT consider itΒ if you don’t mind and get bored of your hair. I get bored very fast with my hair and have always wanted something different…I always had my hair long or shoulder length and when I asked for something different I always ended up with sort of the same thing. So this has been a good thing for me. Maybe try it once and see what you think. Obiviously if you don’t like the hair cut that is suggested by the hairdresser then you have a choice to say no. Remember that πŸ™‚

But tell me in the comment box below if you are thinking about hair modelling or if you are one?Β 



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