My favorite Youtubers and Bloggers right now

I wanted to share with you my favorite bloggers and youtubers. They are mostly Fashion related but have some beauty too. Maybe you know them already or maybe you don’t but I wanted to share with you anyways 🙂

First one I wanna tell you about is FashionFilth She is a youtuber and blogger who has amazing style! Everything she has I wanna get and also even though her style is funky and edgy she also knows how to class it up. I genuinely have been on her Youtube page watching her videos every night…I don’t go to sleep till round 3am (no joke!)

Next is beauty crush She also has amazing style and she is gorgeous as well she sometimes reminds me of rihanna or beyonce. Her youtube page is 50/50(beauty/fashion) so definitely check her out too 🙂

This youtuber who recently started making videos, is amazing also. I love her style…the shoes she has OH MY GOD are amazing and I want ALL of them!! Definitely check her out because she will be doing DIY stuff and her hauls are also amazing!!

And last but not least Grav3yardgirl She is such a wonderful and fun person!! I love her style and also her shoe collection…Maaaan its…*drools* I’m sure you have probably heard of her but if you haven’t Check her out!!

Those are my favorite bloggers and you tubers right now I hope you will become their fan and watch their videos religiously too…goodbye sleep +_+

Enjoy their videos and blogs 🙂


You are beautiful


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