Well the sales have started and it has become Crazy time in the shops! I went yesterday to Zara and I was part of the craziness! I picked up 10 things…to try on and then I ended up only getting one thing which was a denim shirt that I had been eyeing there for a while but was too expensive. I got it for 22 Euro and it was 30 before. I know it’s not that less expensive but it was the last one there and its good quality πŸ˜€ I was in the dressing room for an hour…I was told by my boyfriend who had went into HMV while I was in there and when he went back into Zara couldn’t find me and thought I was kidnapped. He was very pissed off but ah well at least I got my denim shirt πŸ˜€

Then today I went into River Island since their sales started today and my gosh I’ve never seen so many people in a shop. Their sale started at 8am but I can’t wake up so early so I went in the afternoon and I only found one cropped top and Henry Holland Fishnet tights which were 4Euro. I was really excited for them πŸ˜€ Now I just wish the rain will stop and Summer will start in here… 😦

I must tell you about this great offer on FormosaFashion they are giving 20% off of stuff on their website. So it’s your chance to maybe get those Jeffrey Campbell Litas for 20% less πŸ˜€ I sure am going to right now! Lita Spikes come to MAAMMAMAMAA

The code for it is AMERICA


Happy shopping! πŸ™‚

You are Beautiful


2 thoughts on “SALE

  1. omg I went to zara twice during their sale this past weekend but the fitting room lines just pissed me off lol.. didn’t end up getting anything – I i’ll go again something this week!!!

    I love their sale!

    • I really want to go back and get more but I decided to get the Spiked Litas and now I’m going to be broke for a while πŸ˜₯ Buuutttt if I can before the sale ends I’m definitely going back!! I love Zara!! And the fitting room was packed also. But I hope you find something next time you’re going back! πŸ˜€

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