Get Ready with Mee

So guys I have a video for you. It’s a get ready with me video…I know I know it’s the title name so you already knew what it was about but anyways I wanted to do a video like this to show you products I use almost everyday.

I’m using the Estee Lauder moisturizer which is brilliant if you have oily kinda mattifies your skin a little which is great because I was using the Lancome Zen one a while ago and even though it was for my skin it left me with an oily feel to my skin and that after putting on the foundation or just wearing that only, it would leave my skin looking shinier through out the day so yea I decided to change to the DayWear one by Estee and I’m glad I did.

I went in two days ago into Brown Thomas because I wanted to try out the new talked about foundation by Yves Saint Laurent. The Touche Eclat one. And I did…the girl at the counter said that it was the same colour as my skin so I looked at the mirror she had given me and I wasn’t that impressed to be honest but she gave me a 7 day trial of it and said that if I didn’t think it was the right colour to go back and we would find another. So when I got home I took off what I had on (on my face… :D) and put on the foundation without putting my moisturizer on again and I could then see that yes it was the same colour as my skin colour. I was delighted and still am haha. But the thing with this foundation which I don’t know if everyone will like…is that it’s a very sheer coverage. It doesn’t cover up any blemishes you might have but it’s light weight and I love the smell! It’s kinda a medicinal type scent I think. I would recommend it if you didn’t mind that it didn’t have any coverage. I will get it when my 7 day trial finishes because I think its perfect for me. I didn’t use any brush to apply it with because I prefer using my fingers to blend it better.

But yes I just wanted to tell you about these two products a bit more but I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Video is live!


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