The Autumn/Winter Coat (Oversized and Mixed Fabric Trend)

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but the oversized coat trend is everywhere! And…I love it. I love it so much that I got one. I had been looking to get a new Autumn/Winter coat since I really needed a warmer one and I found the perfect one on Asos. I think I have an obsession with Asos…I can’t stop going to their website and check what else I could put on my wish list…just like I do with Motel Rocks. I can really say that I am a shopaholic!

But anyways…yes I went onto Asos and looked at all their coats in their sale section (which is still going on by the way..and you can get an extra 10% off with EXTRA10) and looked at all of the oversized ones and put them on my wishlist. I was looking for one that would be cheaper because well to be honest I didn’t want to spend that much money 🙂 But then I went to my wish list and narrowed it down to the one I ended up getting. And this is it…

I am in love with it! And also, the reason why I love this trend is because I can easily put on a jumper underneath and it wouldn’t feel to tight because of it. It was 142..17 and I got it for 44.78 with the extra 10% off it. It’s still on sale by the way and most of the sizes are left. You can find it here 

I know it will come in handy for this Autumn and Winter and I’m glad this trend exists right now!

Here are other examples of the trend that maybe you’ll like 🙂




I am loving these coats that are New In on the Asos Website… They’re a bit pricier but ugh I love them. Wish I had that much money!




Let me know what you think of the new Autumn/Winter coats.

What do you think of the Oversized Trend?


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