The Spiked Lita

My obsession since it came out…it’s still my obsession now that I have it.

I purchased it on july 4th because Formosa Fashion were having 30% off Jeffrey Campbells only on that day and I had to get them. I received them after 2 days…I was in love and still am but…(yes there is a but) they are a bitch to break in! I still am in that process of breaking them in since I haven’t worn them for that long 😦

I think also they are really snug on me. I got size 3 which is the same size I got my Lita Espana’s in but they are a tighter fit. I probably should have gotten a size 4 but that I know would have been to big 😦 If only they had half sizes. Anyways I’m still going to wear them just I am gonna have to suffer.

Comparing them to the Lita Espana, the leather is rough…because they have spikes the ankle bit is a bit higher (hope I explained that well :)) And they are, like I said already, a bitch to break in. The Espana’s are a distressed leather and also the leather is softer. You don’t need to break them in at all (in my experience) and they are a little bit higher. With the spiked Lita, for me, it seems like you are almost standing a bit forward with them. They’re different to the Espana’s that’s for sure. Of course that is all my opinion and maybe you have had a difference experience with them but yes..I will toughen up and just deal with the pain because I love them that much!

Here are some photos of them…Ahh the spikes!



By the way…it’s true what they say. Those spikes are SO sharp so watch out!

Hope you found this useful! 🙂

Let me know what you think

Oh and here are some clothing items which would go with this wonderfully!



The gothic purple print dress will be featured in my new Lookbook that will be coming soon on my youtube and here 🙂



All these are from Motel and you should definitely check out their website! Use my exclusive code to get 20% off Motel 🙂 elizabethsbeauty

Hope you liked! 🙂 Here’s a link to one of my outfits with the Spiked Litas 🙂


You are beautiful


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