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My weeks beauty buys…

I finally have bought something beauty related.. Last week I went into Boots because I wanted to get the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner that had the brush with it. I went in and went over to the Maybelline section and there was only one left of the black gel liner…I kept asking myself if I needed it because I have plenty of eyeliners still and I decided to get it because I had gone in especially for that. Since there was 2 for 15 on Maybelline stuff I got one of the Colour Tattoos that they brought out…I swatched them all and loved the coppery one, On and On Bronze, because I didn’t have anything like it and knew that it would go with all my palettes since most of the colours I have are mainly dark and neutral colours. It’s gorgeous and it stays on all day…no budge or anything. On the Bourjois stand thing I had seen that the nail polish remover was there. Definitely had to pick that up because while I was in France I had seen it and didn’t pick it up…so wasn’t going to let it escape me this time AND it is magic. No more getting loads of cotton wool. This takes it off in a couple of seconds while you wiggle your finger in there….(that sounds wrong!)




I went over to Shaws…a department store in our shopping centre…and there was a stand full of designer perfumes and other perfumes belonging to Beyonce and Lady Gaga…some were discounted and cost very little. I was thinking of getting the Burberry one because it was only 20 for the 30ml and normally that would almost be 40 here. But since I had that perfume before and already knew the scent of it I decided to check out the Lady Gaga one. When I sprayed it I instantly loved it because it is very strong and also has a fruity seductive scent. Which is what I normally like so I got it. When I sprayed it then at home I wasn’t that impressed because it is just like any other strong sweet scent and didn’t think it was that special but I, now, have learned to love it again and it stays on for ages…the next day you can still smell it and it’s still a little strong.  Some people don’t think it’s that special but I say to maybe, if you can, get a sample of it and wear it for a few days and you will probably fall in love with it! Oh! I love the way it comes out as a black fluid…I think that is so cool haha 😀 I definitely recommend you trying it!


I then went into town…two days ago, and I went into Brown Thomas looking for the MAC counter and was looking for Azealia Banks lipstick for MAC. The girl at MAC told me that it’s an exclusive and only the US and Canada will be getting it and that not even London is getting it. I was kinda sad because it looks gorgeous but anyways I decided to get a lipstick…so I asked if there was something that was similar and she said that if you use the lip liner Nightmoth under the lipstick Rebel you would get the same colour as her lipstick so since I had Rebel already I decided to get another lipstick called Cyber. Which is a very dark purple. I also got the liner Nighmoth which also is a dark purpley red… Love both!


I decided to also get, finally, the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation. I love this foundation. I recommend everyone to go and try it and get a sample of their shade!

I have videos with this foundation if you would like to see it in action and I will have a video up soon using some of these products 🙂

Hope you enjoyed and hope you try or if you have already let me know what you think?


You are Beautiful!


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