Young Republic

Hey guys!

I wanted to let you know about this great website which has 600 amazing independent designers (500 from Australia and 100 International ones) from all around the world. Young Republic is based in Sydney and are wanting to make this website into a go to website where every independent fashion designer can go and sell their amazing designs and also us fashion lovers can discover amazing new designers and one of a kind clothing and design pieces. It’s kind of like Etsy in a way but the designers can sell their designs without joining, listing, or any upfront fees. It also has an easy way to manage products, orders and stock inventory; and provides free-to-use social interaction, community management and marketing tools to assist designers to grow their brands. Which is brilliant news for any upcoming designers!

“The beauty of Young Republic is that it is so youthful and current. It is a fantastic tool for putting designers in touch with their target market and giving each label an opportunity to be seen,” states Lauren Brooks, the Australian designer behind Baumbach.

So guys! This site is definitely worth checking out as you will find great pieces and also unique ones. They don’t only have clothes and accessories, they also have things for the home, the office. They have unique pieces for your decorating needs! There are also laptop, ipad and iphone cases that are so cute! and great accessories also. There’s everything you would want!

I went onto their website and after checking out loads of their designers these few stood out to me because they are very current and have unique pieces that will be a great addition to your wardrobe!

OneByOne They are from Australia, based in Melbourne and have great graphic t-shirts and vests, for men and women. It is designed and run by Matthew Newman with help from his team.

Rain&Hale They are also a label from Australia, I love the clothes they have chosen. It’s what’s out there but not…if you know what I mean. They choose their clothes and hand make some bits.

Lucy Hope Also from Australia, they have more expensive pieces but are also unique. They’ve got a gorgeous bustier that is…amazing! And I want! They use gorgeous materials so I guess that justifies their price range but they are gorgeous!

We Are Hairy People They are from the UK and have great unique and dreamy pieces…with their galaxy prints and their cut outs…They have something for the trendy fashionista out there.

RMD Jewellery They are from Australia also. This is a great place for simplistic but classic pieces. I love the look of their simple jewellery. If you’re looking for dainty and classic jewellery definitely check them out!

I hope that you check them out if you would like to of course. There are some unique pieces there so it’s worth a look at least 🙂 Definitely recommend that you do

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