Just wanted to say…

Thank you!

Guys I appreciate you soooo much. Thank you for following my blog and for liking what I write here and what I post. Thank you soo soo much! Lets me know that I am doing something right and I’m very grateful that ye like what I post here on my blog. I know I sometimes don’t post for ages…for whatever reason and well thank you for sticking with me when that happens! I hope that I can make you come back more and more every time and hope you will enjoy the posts that will come in the future! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think as I started this blog, a year ago yesterday, to help you in any way with reviews and hope I still do that even though not as much now. If you still want me to do that let me know!

I hope with what I post I can inspire you… This blog has actually started to build my confidence little by little. Now I don’t really care as much what other people would say with the clothes I wear (Sometimes though I do have my days where I constantly think what do they think of me…what are they thinking) But this blog has truly started to build my confidence up bit by bit.

I have two reviews coming up for you…one of a foundation (you probably know which it is by now) and one of a shower gel which is amazing and organic!

I hope you continue to like what I post and again… Thank you! 


You are Beautiful


2 thoughts on “Just wanted to say…

  1. happy birthday to your blog! never care what people say, do what makes you happy! people will always find something to talk about. Glad you’ve not given up the blog 🙂

    • Thank you very much!! I am trying my best with that and slowly getting there 😀 but with ye guys reading and commenting it has really brought my confident up so thank you very much! I appreciate it a lot. And eeee can’t wait for your next post! Hehe :Dq

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