Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat

Hi guys 🙂

Even though I have talked about this foundation already so many times and have shown it in three of my videos (If I remember correctly :/) I wanted to anyway do a review of it for you.

I got a sample of this foundation a couple of months ago…shortly after it’s release, because I was intrigued by it and what I had seen on tv where a Make Up Artist was showing it on one of our Lifestyle, Celebrity gossip programmes..XPose. I was happy with what the models’ skin looked like after the make up artist had put it on her…it gave her a nice sheer coverage but buildable to a medium coverage to still cover some areas and a nice dewy look to the skin.

The foundation is ”the magic of Touche Éclat in a foundation”a light-to-medium coverage, buildable liquid foundation which promises to give a healthy, ”dewy luminosity” to the skin without making you look like a magical mirror ball. The formula of the foundation is light. It actually contains no opaque powders but, could be a bad thing or a good thing, no SPF. This has been marketed as an ”easy chic” foundation that will suit all skin types,. The good thing about this foundation is that it’s available in 22 shades and costs €38 which is dear but to be honest it’s a brilliant foundation and worth the €38. (Go and get a sample!)

The shades have different tones… cool (BR), warm (BD) and neutral (B) that’s why it’s important to go where it’s being sold and get matched up 🙂 I am a BD30 and for the first time EVER I have a foundation that actually is my skin colour!! I have been wearing foundation since I was 13 or 12 and I am 24 now… Thank you Yves Saint Laurent! When I was using the free sample, which I still have loads of. I didn’t really put on much, I put on a little as you’ve seen on my videos and that gave me a nice sheer coverage which I love and feels like I’ve no make up on and my skin looked gorgeous with it. But now I am putting a little bit more (Just the one pump is enough) and the coverage and flawlessness it gives me is amazing! I cannot say any more good things about this foundation seriously…or else I might make their heads explode with so many compliments for what they have created!

I wanna let ye know that I have oily skin mostly but sometimes at the sides of my nose or a bit on my chin or forehead gets dry but not much and this foundation for me still works…the only thing is during the day my face will become to get a little bit shiny but with me the foundation doesn’t melt off or rub off. It stays put all day…I forget to take my make off (bad I know) because I forget that I’m wearing it. I don’t know if it is because I use my fingers to put it on or what but it doesn’t budge for me. I use my fingers because I can blend better…now if you are used to or prefer using make up brushes then I have a link for you from Irish Beauty Bloggers Sinead and Dee from Viva Adonis  they have a wonderful review too and you can get their perspective on the foundation.

Do I think this could become a Cult favourite like their Touche Eclat? Yes, in my opinion, this is the foundation for anyone who doesn’t really need much foundation but want a little flawlessness on their face. But I recommend, again, to try it! Do or you might miss out on a miracle!

Here are two photos I want to share with you as part of my review…The first is a photo showing the foundation just after me putting it on and the Second is after the day was over (after being outside in the cold and inside with the heating on)



You can tell it has made my face a bit shinier but nothing too much.

Hope you found this helpful but guys I really recommend you trying out the sample…really do. No matter what skin type you are just try it and get matched..don’t guess your shade 🙂


You are Beautiful!



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