Sneak Peak 2

Here is another outfit that I will have up in a few 🙂

And that is the back of the dress…I love the way the back is sheer and well you definitely have to wear something with this dress or else you show too much! I wore it with a bodycon skirt from H&M it is a wine one from their basics that costs €5 The dress is from River Island. It cost me €45…pretty expensive and I was shocked when I went to the till to pay because I thought it was on promotion aswell and thought it was €25 but I ended up getting it because I just couldn’t let it get away 🙂 I wore this with opaque black tights and my Lita Espanas 🙂

The jacket I got in TK Maxx and it was a steal! Ok it isn’t real leather…but those spikes are not sown on which is brilliant!! And it was just €47 and I know that if I wanted to buy it in any other high street shop it would probably be retailing at 100 or more. I was soooo happy when I seen it and I didn’t let it go! No way was I gonna let it go! 😀

And the last photo…which maybe ye have seen this print already, is the H&M Legging that I bought today. I think it’s from the Lana Del Ray Collection. I was iffy about buying it so I decided to get it and try it at home and if I didn’t like it then I would just go back, return it and get my €13 back. But I tried it on and I actually like it. It’s soft and isn’t see through! I was worried it was and was one of the reasons why I wasn’t sure if I should get it or if I shouldn’t. I am happy it isn’t see through 🙂

Well anyways this is a sneak peak of what my next outfit post will look like…apart from the leggings. I just wanted to show you it 🙂

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about the previous outfit I will have that up in a day or two 🙂

Hope your weekend was good. Tell me have you found any bargains recently? What do you think about the Lana Del Ray Collection for H&M?


6 thoughts on “Sneak Peak 2

    • Thank you very much Selma 🙂 my boyfriend wasn’t that happy that I was wearing too much black haha but really I wasn’t…the wine skirt underneath gave it a bit of colour and so did the belt 🙂

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