My shopping list

Hey guys 🙂

I wanted to share what I am dying to buy with you…and hopefully I will be able to buy soon! Maybe you will also like to get the products or check out what other products they have.

Anyways first of all is the website High Heels Suicide Based in Spain..High Heels Suicide was started by LA, she has a blog which she started in 2010 and ugh! I love her style! It is vintage inspired knitwear brand and they have great t-shirts, vests, cardigans and jumpers with unique graphics. If you love cupcakes, dohnuts…etc you will love this. Guys you gotta check the website out.. I love their graphic tshirts and vests their cute and fun! So anyways I have been looking at their website for a couple of months now (like I do with almost every website…I’m a stalker of great clothes and accessories 0_0) and always wanted to get something from them and 2 days ago I finally ordered something…and that was this hoodie

I can’t wait for it to arrive…on the website it says it’ll take 1-2weeks which is a bummer but well it will be a nice surprise when it arrives. But of course that isn’t on my list since I already bought it. What is on my list since I got, by subscription email, a code for 20% off their stuff and I can’t not get something now so what I want to get is this…and it’s because I love this

I love cotton candy! And this is great to wear and layer it up too now that it is freeeezing here! It looks soft too doesn’t it? Mmmmm cotton candy….ahhhhh (insert homer drooling)

I also wish to get…some other time though, this tshirt

By the way guys…lots of their stuff are selling out 😦 just to give you heads up 🙂

The next website that I want to get something from is Last Night which is Stephanie Liu from Honey and Silk blog shop and there’s some great stuff there…gorgeous dresses and there’s one that I want so bad! And this is it

I loooove this dress…I wish I could buy it now but unfortunately I can’t afford it because…well the shipping to ship here is $15 and yeah…I can’t 😦 But I’m hoping my boyfriend might get it for me for christmas…maybe. Obviously I would need to get it before then or else I will miss the chance in having it….arrrrrr. Please don’t sell out!

Regal Rose jewellery is…gorgeous, unique and special. I love their jewellery and am annoyed that I didn’t avail of their sale they were having! It ended today. If you follow me on twitter…you would have seen my RTs of their countdown. But anyways I am hoping to get one of their jewellery pieces and this is what I would like to get

There are other things though but right now I want to get this. If I were to show you everything I wanted to get I would be bombarding you with loads of photos like my previous two posts and I don’t know if you would like that very much hehe 🙂

Now Folkster is a recent find…thanks to XPose! They are an online store based in Kilkenny in Ireland and they also have their own store there too called Shutterbug…if you are around Kilkenny sometime pop into them, I so want to! But anyway, yes Folkster has gorgeous pieces..vintage pieces and their unique also and one of a kind. I have  four items already in my wish list and had this gorgeous jumper type dress that I wanted to get but unfortunately it was already sold out 😦 I can’t wait to see what new stuff they’ll have up next week!!

Here is the dress that is unfortunately sold out 😦

I also was drooling over this dress…but unfortunately it’s sold out too 😦

But anyways I will be back checking their website when they have new stuff up. Oh! and they stock these amazing accessories from Bonzie…also from Ireland. This is one of their pieces

It’s gorgeous isn’t it. Check them out too!

Anyways that is my list right now…apart from the ones that are sold out 😦 What do you think? What is on your shopping list? Will you be checking out these sights?

You are Beautiful!


24 thoughts on “My shopping list

  1. amazing finds and stores! i hope to start my own clothing line soon! i am starting sewing classes next week!

    • Oh wow!! That’s really good! I am sure you will come up with great stuff because you’re style is amazing! Would definitely buy your products! I was actually thinking of starting my own kinda shop thing selling vintage pieces I find and maybe some customised ones…but don’t know when I will do that yet

      • you should! if i lived there i’d def do that! you are so lucky, we don;t have any thrift shops or flea market with vintage clothes here,so i buy all my vintage clothes from the net, usually from ebay and etsy. You could start a web shop on etsy too! There are so many vintage lovers out there,and they are more every day! You should go for it!! I read the story of the online store Nasty Gal, a few days ago, and this is how it started. There was a girl, that started by selling vintage clothes on ebay, and now she owns a factory or something, i don’t know :p

      • Haha yea I’m not sure what it is that she owns either 😀 :p But really?! I can never find anything I want on ebay hehe tried to find stuff and never what I’m looking for comes up 😦 I’m bad at shopping on ebay. But yea I want to badly just don’t think I would be able to afford any fee that the website might have…because I spend it all on clothes ahaha. But I will check out etsy and see how much they charge! But when you do start with your shop let me know! 😀

      • i will! ebay has a weird policy on sellers though, so if i were you, i’d too try etsy first, or bigcartel! On bigcartel you can have available for selling 5 items, without paying any fees, and when they’re sold, next five and so on..Etsy does charge though, for everything you sell. Hope i helped :))

      • Ah ok…so you would really have to know what you want and hmm…would that be good then because someone who is searching for a product might not get to your store then..

      • yes, unfortunately it doesn’t provide a very good search on the site, for products, only for shops. you would have to know the name of the shop :/, or just browse through the infinite pages and if you’re lucky you’ll fall into a shop you like

    • I know!! Ugh I love their stuff! I love the cupcake tank! and also the heart cardigan…well actually I love all their stuff! haha but don’t they actually look soft? I wanted to get the mint jumper with the cross but I went on it today and it was sold out 😦 and also I don’t think I can get the emergency tee because they only have xs left. I gotta be fast!

      • you are tempting me and i try to save for a driving license! ahahahah!! i’ve got to stay away!! the mint jumper is super cute!!

      • Haha ahhh but the lovely clothes….droools :p but yea I need to save also to pay my phone bill…but it’s just so hard and that’s why I’m always late in paying the phone bill. whoops

  2. btw, the dress on the forth photo, was available for redemption on! Maybe you should be a member there! You get points for photos, comments, etc. and then you can redeem clothes with those points!

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