Simply Different…and chic

Hey guys…back again, and to tell you about this great brand and website that sell bags. But they are actually pretty unique and simple. Which is nice sometimes. They had followed me on twitter and of course I checked them out and loved their products or else I wouldn’t be letting you know abou them right now 🙂

Merry Autumn was started by two guys, Francesco and Federico, after they both had to leave their extra bag in the airport because of the ‘1 bag policy’ the airport had when Francesco went “What about a bag that changes size when it’s needed? ”  So on September 23, 2008 that 2.0 bag and Merry Autumn was born.




They came up with two other products from the months that passed, the Doublette and the Slim Wallet which is actually a very clever idea if you aren’t the type of person who wants to carry a big wallet or bulky wallet. Actually it would be a great christmas present for your dad, boyfriend or brother! I checked out their Doublette bag and it’s a very handy bag to have especially if you are going for a weekend trip or wedding or anywhere really because it’s big enough for that.

I have 3 videos here for you so you can see them in action

Slim Wallet 



They are made in Italy so you can be guaranteed of the quality of the bags. I think it would be great presents and also great to actually have! Oh and guys! They have a great idea…where you can actually choose the colour of your bag!

What do you think of their bags?



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