Asos Sale!

Hey guys


Just wanted to let you know that Asos is having their mid-season sale and you can now get an extra 10% off with the 50%  with the code MEGA10  It ends on the 16th though. You must check it out and grab yourself some jumpers, coats and everything you need for the Winter…or maybe some Summer pieces too 😀 I wish I wasn’t broke right now because I would love to buy me some stuff!!

If I did have the money this is what I would looove to buy! Go to the Asos website.

Pants First



The shorts



The Shirts




Anyways I’m sure you get what I mean with the gorgeous stuff they have that is on sale! You can get Motel Rocks clothes on sale also! Free Shipping worldwide.

Happy Shopping! 🙂




16 thoughts on “Asos Sale!

    • Me too!! The snake print pants were reduced so much and they look gorgeous! Too bad I can’t afford anything! The Motel stuff is pretty cheap aswell…the ones they have on sale anyway

      • i haven’t checked the Motel sale yet! maybe, i shouldn’t right now! can’t afford much shopping too 😛

      • Oh I meant the Motel stuff being sold in Asos. But yea..I checked it out and 😦 I want! But no moneys

    • I got one of their coats ages ago and love it. Love their free shipping and speedy delivery. And thank you 😀 by the way love the Chanel lipstick you got. Looks lovely on you! Can you recommend any deep burgundy lipstick? I don’t know which is a good one and would love to buy one when I can afford it 🙂

      • I’ve been eyeing Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks, the colors look beautiful and they are so affordable, except hard to come by. 04 is a dark vampy shade that looks lovely.

      • Oh I got that one already haha 🙂 But thank you for letting me know though. It is a gorgeous colour though…doesn’t stay on for too long though 😦

      • Well for me it didn’t really last long. Her new lipsticks…the velvet ones I think it is look gorgeous though. They’re supposed to be kinda matte. And the reds look gorgeous.

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