Allo Everyone!…

Allo Everyone!

How are you guys doing?
As Ana said, this is Toni and I’m so excited to be part of you guys and of this blog. Nervous too!
The two of us has been the best of friends forever and my dear Ana here suggested that I join her with this blog, and who am I to say no? It’s actually my pleasure :)..

I’ll be posting mostly about Outfits Of The Day and I hope you guys will like it. If there’s any questions or suggestions, be sure to let me know! I don’t bite that’s for sure.

By the way, I’m in South East Asia (Philippines) right now so most of my clothings will be for tropical weather. But hey, that shouldn’t stop anyone from wearing them whatever weather you have!

Before I go, I just have a little surprise for ye guys! especially for those who has been following Ana here. shhhh! she doesnt know this part too. haha! Just something for ye, here’s a picture of us when I was still in Ireland :). Hope she won’t give out to me on this one.

Alright, that’s it for now. You guys have a wonderful day. Smile :)..

Ciao ciao.


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