Hey guys 😀


It’s been ages since I put up a post (well it’s technically been 4 days but to me that is aaaagessss 😦 ) I am working on the outfit posts and the designer one I let you know on the Facebook Page and will have it up hopefully by the end of this week! I’m in college and already have 3 projects to do! :S So busy busy hehe

Anyways that’s not what I wanted to let you know…what I wanted to let you know was that….I….have some great news!

I asked my bestest bestest friend to join me with the blog and be part of it because I feel like she could add more to the blog and have great outfit posts for ye! I am so soooo glad when she said she would join me and I’m so excited right now while writing this post 😀 I have known Toni since 5th year in Secondary School (It’s the second last year in school before you go to University) and we have been friends ever since.

Ye guys will be in very safe hands with her 😀 Aaaaannnnddd I can’t wait to see her outfit posts and all her posts really and hope ye will love them also! 😀


Anyways I’ll let her introduce herself to you 🙂




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