Regal Gothic Rose

Hey guys 🙂

Just wanted to let you know that I got the opportunity to preview Regal Rose‘s New Collection and I have to tell you I am in love with the collection.

If you haven’t heard of Regal Rose…then…where have you been? Only messing hehe 🙂 But seriously though they have gorgeous jewellery and they are based in London.You must check their jewellery out!

But anyways I wanted to tell you and show you their gorgeous Collection!

The collection is called Darkly Decedent and it is where “gothic goes glamour!” I can tell you it is dark…but it has a romantic feel and so in trend right now. It reminds me of my favourite film Interview with the Vampire….gorgeous and delicious! The collection will be released Tomorrow! (Thursday the 18th)

The looks are divided into different groups, “rich opulence to silver tones of pagan grunge”. The collection can be worn to make your outfit pop. To be honest when wearing any piece you will be noticed because they are gorgeous and eye catching. It will make your simple LBD stand out. This collection is, I’ve said before, delicious.

Regal Rose have outdone themselves with this collection because everything in here is a piece that will transform your outfit from simple to stand out.

Without further ado…here they are!

I would wear these with a gorgeous Velvet dress and oxblood lips and spiked litas.

The rings remind me of The Craft…very cult like.

This would go very well with any blouse that is a lighter colour. Gorgeous!

I can imagine this looking gorgeous with a Velvet top. Very Vampiric and regal…definitely what a Vampire would wear.

I. AM. IN. LOVE! I love the way that the two spikes also look like fangs 😀

I bet you can really tell that I love Vampires haha 🙂

Could be a blood vile? 😀

As you can see these are gorgeous! I haven’t shown you everything but I’ve shown you almost all of their pieces for the New Collection. Here are some of the lookbooks too 😀 Can give you inspiration…

And finally…

I don’t think that you can go without getting one of their pieces… What do you think? Gorgeous right?

Thank you Regal Rose for giving me this opportunity to show my readers your gorgeous and delicious collection!

You are Beautiful!



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