Hey guys!

Well how are you all today? Hope everyone’s having a great time! First, I just want to thank ye all for liking and visiting the page. As some of you will know, this is my first official post! haha. excited and nervous again!

So yesterday, we went to Tagaytay- a place where we usually hangs out because it’s a bit cooler compare to our place and it has great scenery too. Have a glimpse of it :).


Yes, that’s actually a lil volcano in the middle of the lake. 🙂
Alright! So getting down to business, I’d like to show you guys the Outfit Of The Day :)..


It’s a pretty simple outfit that I chose. I have the white top and wore one of my favourite jeggings by Shopaholic. It’s very comfortable and I really love the floral design that it has.


The boots here is actually given to me by my sister for my birthday and it was bought from Korea which I am very thankful for :).



And just in case I get cold, I have my blue top from Freeway. It’s very soft and comfortable to wear. It’s not too thick, so it’s perfect for the weather just in case you get a chill especially at night. By the way, here’s the link to their site if anyone would like to check out their stuffs! Just go to

Alright, so that’s actually it for now. I hope you guys like it and would appreciate if you guys have any opinions or suggestions. Just let us know! You guys have a wonderful day. Smile :)..

Ciao ciao!



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