Giveaway! (Closed)

Hey guys 🙂

I have exciting news (as you can tell by the title :D) I have reached 55 blog followers and have wanted to do a giveaway to say thank you to you all for sticking with the blog, reading and commenting on the posts. So when I came across the opportunity to collaborate with a Fashion label, with gorgeous clothes that I think you will like, I couldn’t pass it up.

Red Rock Fashion is a label that was set up by Kiran Lall Fashion Designer and stylist who has a sense of original diy style and indie inspired fashion sense. All the items are hand made in their Northampton Studios and since they are handmade you will definitely have a unique piece that no one else will have. A good way to be honest if you want to be or just add unique pieces to your wardrobe 🙂

RedRock is for girls who like to have fun with fashion, stand out from the crowd by wearing something a little different that can’t be found on the High Street. RedRock is not about following trends but looking great wearing WHAT YOU WANT…and still FEELING A MILLION DOLLARS

They also have started re-working vintage pieces from the 60’s + so it adds to the uniqueness of their items. It has only been running for a little over two years now but has already secured rails at some of the UK’s hottest boutiques, received national press including Sew Hip Magazine, Drapers and Company Magazine, put on their first fashion show in London’s infamous Brick Lane. RedRock designs have also been seen on E4 Skin’s favourite and been requested by the likes of Paloma Faith, Lauren Pope and Audrey Kitching!!

Pretty impressive right?

I want to show you what I would choose if I were to win the £65 ….(can I enter the giveaway pretty please…with sugar on top?) Wish I could haha 🙂

Anyways here are what I would pick!

I know I went overboard but it’s just they’re so beautiful…

For more information about this competition click here

So now for The Rules

1) Follow REDROCK on Twitter at: @TEAMREDROCK_

2) Follow REDROCK on instagram at: @TEAMREDROCK_

3) Then leave your twitter, instagram name and email in the comments below the post so Red Rock are able to to pick a winner.

4) You must follow the blog for your entry to be valid

The giveaway is also open internationally so no worries you can enter 😀

So very simple 😀

You have until the 17th November and the winners will be picked on the 18th November. Good luck to you all and you share it with your friends also 😀 on twitter, pinterest, facebook, tumblr…anywhere 😀

Ahh I wish you the best of luck! Just follow the steps to be entered 🙂

You are Beautiful! 😀


14 thoughts on “Giveaway! (Closed)

    • Ill email them straight away and ask if you can still enter without liking them on Instagram. And I’ll let you know and update it then. I was thinking of asking them bout that but don’t know why I didn’t. But I’ll let you know when they reply 🙂

      • thank you!i’m seeing this happening a lot on giveaways lately and i know there are many ppl without iphones etc out there! now it has got me thinking that maybe it’s time to get one, but the price is very discouraging :/

      • It is unfair I know. But do you have android? Instagram can be used on android phones now. But yea the prices of them is outrageous. I checked the price for an iPod touch, the new one, and jeepers it was 329 for the 16gb one! O_O I don’t know why their stuff have to be sooo overpriced

      • no! i don’t even have a cellphone right now! I believe i might be the only person in the whole world that doesn’t have a cellphone 😛 I broke it a year ago and haven’t got another one since then! It is kind of more quiet without a phone and now i prefer to communicate through the internet. But maybe it’s time to get a new one again!

      • Oh wow ok. Actually is say being without a phone yea would be nice because it’ll be more peaceful and quite like you said and a bit less radiation. I have to admit I’m addicted to my phone and kinda wish I wasn’t haha. But hmm they good thing bout it is you can have your emails with you. I have the 4s and barely able to pay with bill pay. But it does let me see my comments on posts if I get any and also it does help me with my blog with the social networking and stuff. I actually would recommend the 4s to you, if you were to get a phone. See if you can get a second hand one or see if there’s a good price since they’ve gone down cos of the new iPhone. Which I think isn’t worth getting cos it’s the same really.

      • yes, i am thinking about getting a used 4s! but i can tell you when i used to have a cellphone, i was so addicted it started to bother me. Anyway, i’m done with peace and quiet now and i really want to see what’s the fuzz about instagram! hope i don’t get addicted again 😛

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