Yes I’m French!

You guys may remember my post about Young Republic and their great brands and designers I did a couple of weeks back…well I have another for you! I will be doing posts about each designer that I would love for ye to check out…they’re stuff is unique and gorgeous and I hope you will like.

Yes I’m French, is one of those. Sandra the designer and creator of this brand is based in Seoul, Korea, and my god is she talented! What I love about her designs, when I came across them on Young Republic, was the structure…the sharpness…the sporty, futuristic feeling they exude. They are unique…truly unique and gorgeous and here are some photos to show you because I want to let the clothes do all the talking!

I asked her a few questions just so ye guys could get to know her as a designer and also her designs.

Has the economic situation affected your business in any way?

Well, since i just begin now, I don’t know what does it look like to launch a collection in the past.

But i can say, it’s very hard when you have a very very small budget and when you are working alone.

Why did you choose to sell your clothes on Young Republic?

I think it’s new and young, fresh. I like this website.

I’m sure the australian market have a beautiful future

What has inspired you to design the clothes which you have designed?

Sports ( the Kendo that i used to practise in France) and just my feelings.

How long does it take to design one of your pieces?

For design very fast, 5 minutes but for pattern, make the moulding on stockman and remake it all in the real fabric to check if i can send this pattern to factory for making a clean sample… depending on the deign between 1 day and 2 days.

Do you look at the trends or do you just do your own thing?

I look at the trends and what other designers do.

But i always do what i just want right now.

And which designer is your favourite and which inspires you the most? If there are more than one that is fine πŸ™‚

Haider Ackermann, he is a genuis

Hussein Chalayan, for the way he use the technology in a poetic in the clothes

Yohji Yamamoto, for his poetry and for Y3 sport line

Hakaan, for his sharp style

and so on…

I love all of them and respect very much their work.

Sandra is a very kind soul and her designs are amazing. I really see her get far and her label will be BIG…she is so talented that I have no doubts! You can easily see her clothes being walked down the runaway in Paris Fashion Week. Definitely worth checking her pieces out…

See what I mean…her clothes and designs are amazing! She was very kind and gifted me the Grey T-shirt with leatherlike sleeves and I love it! The top is a soft material and the sleeves are very well made. The french flag logo adds to it with giving it an even more classic/chic look to the top. I love the way the sleeves make this simple top stand out and love that you can dress this up or have it casual like I have shown here






Right now on Asos Market Place she has some on sale with 25% off! So not to be missed!

You can check more about her and her clothes out on her website

Yes I’m French

On Young Republic

On Asos

On Not Just A Label

On Scenes City and

On People of Tastes

Let me know what you guys think?


18 thoughts on “Yes I’m French!

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ Her clothes are amazing. She is very very talented and I love her clothes also! Gorgeous gorgeous. I’m thinking of getting the red maxi skirt love the detail on the waistband

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