Well…finally guys I was able to do this post! Sorry for the long wait.

Now I took these photos(well the boyfriend did after I finally made him) yesterday. So the photo of the first sneak peek I posted I had a braid and since I got a hair cut it is different. Obviously 🙂

This outfit I put together was when I went to a fashion show at my local shopping centre where they were showcasing some of the clothes in the shops we have there.

I took some photos…but I’m not sure if I should post it or not yet. But if I do you’ll know over on my Facebook page or twitter 🙂

And the other sneak peek I posted…was of the sheer shirt dress with my new faux leather jacket. Originally I had it with tights and the burgundy skirt from H&M but I thought of changing it and chose to wear it with the H&M leggings.

But anyways here is the first outfit:

Jacket: TK Maxx Dress: River Island Belt: H&M

This is the second outfit and…. I actually forget where I wore this to :/ But here it is, the updated outfit. I wore it with the spiked jacket too 🙂

Dress: River Island Leggings: H&M

I hope you liked the outfits and hope it inspires you to come up with some outfit yourself 🙂

I got a hair cut two days ago, like I mentioned above, and am…I’m still getting used to it 😀 I do like it though but still have to get used to it.

But anyways what did you think?


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