OOTD – Confusion between summer and fall

Hey guys!

Well I know it’s supposed to be fall season now, yet what I have in my post is still in summer mode.. It’s too hot at the moment and this dress is just perfect for me with this weather!
Also, I just can’t wait to show ye guys and my friend Ana this dress that she gave me 🙂
So here it is!

I wore it on its own, but sure depending on your mood, you can definitely wear leggings with it too if you like!

Would love to try and tuck it in tho with a black maxi skirt. Don’t have one yet tho so we’ll see when I get one :).

My worn out but favourite converse! I prefer my chucks to look and be more rugged :). I love em that way!

Bag from mango

Black and Red Kitty Glasses


And let’s say I’m back in the cold weather of Ireland, I’d still wear this, just throw up my leather jacket on top of it and I’d be happy already.. haha.. Alrightey, there’s my outfit for today. Lemme know what you think and how bout ye guys? What outfit would ye wear on sunny days like this?
I’m off! ye guys have a great weekend! smile always :).. ciao!



2 thoughts on “OOTD – Confusion between summer and fall

    • wow thank you soo much! yes, I love em too, especially when I’m in hyper mode. haha.. Got em in our local shop here but I know you can get em in eBay.. saw some for at least $3.00 going up and it’s free shippin!

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