OOTD-High Heels Suicide

Hey guys 🙂

This Outfit I put together when I went to college last thursday and well the first thing that I was told was that I looked quite dark…I guess yes I really do and the hair cut adds to it I think 🙂

I have on my gorgeous skirt that I got in River Island a week or two ago and even though it was €30 I am still glad I got it. I was on the hunt for a black midi skirt but couldn’t find any here so I found that one and tried it on and fell in love (I fall in love with clothes a lot!) The material is a kind of velvety material and this is a great floral print and perfect for the Autumn!

I also am wearing the hoody that I haven’t taken off since I received it and which you have already seen on one of my previous posts, it is the High Heels Suicide hoody. I love this hoody, it is an american apparel hoodie which she has used and printed at the back Wild Free Suicide…and it’s a size large which is great to keep warm. It is soooo soft and comfy and when I got it, it was on sale 🙂 It’s sold 0ut now though but keep checking back on their website. I myself am doing that because I really badly want to get their cotton candy top!

The jacket ye guys also know I got in Tk Maxx and as with the hoody I have been wearing it every day I go out! Love it so much! I have neglected my real leather jacket because I just love the spikes 😀

The T-Shirt ye have also seen and I love it! I love the contrast of the sleeve with the rest of the top.


I decided to pair this outfit with a gorgeous necklace which I got a few weeks ago from H&M and it cost €10…kinda expensive but I love it. It did take some getting used to because it was a bit itchy…I occasionally wear necklaces.


It’s still in H&M so if you like it you should definitely go check it out 🙂

And that is my outfit. Hope you liked 🙂 Let me know what you think. Oh the lipstick I’m wearing is Media by MAC over their lip liner called Night moth 🙂


You are Beautiful!


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