Halloween Nail Art

What’s up guys? How’s the weekend going?
So I was just doing my usual nail job, (I do like to keep my fingernails painted) and I just realized that it’s nearly Halloween time! Thought of doing something different about my nail routine. So here it is!


I know it’s a lil messy, it’s the first time I’ve done this but will definitely be practicing more since I kinda like it! haha.. What you think?

If you don’t have the time or money to go over nail salon and have your nails done professionally, well there’s no stopping for us to try and do it ourselves right? Here’s a very easy steps on doing this style :


Got my two nail polish colour – Black creme and the oxblood shade


Paint all the nails with the lighter shade that you want.20121021-183928.jpg

Using a sponge, put a lil bit of the Black polish or the darker polish in it. If you’ve put a bit too much, no need to worry, just dab it first in a paper or something. Then slowly dab the painted sponge at the end of your nails. Just lightly dab them.


It will look like this, I only dabbed the sponge at the very end of my nails. Ye can definitely dab it in even up to reach the middle part. It looks a bit grainy at the moment right.


That’s where our top coat comes in and voila! My first attempt of a vampire feel nails. haha!

You can actually do the opposite of it, like use the dark polish as your base coat and have the lighter shade to be dubbed in. Also, if you’re in the mood for more experiments, you can definitely try to add more colour in the sponge which will results into more ombre nail style!

By the way, have a look at some of the Halloween Nails Art that I’ve encounter. They’re good!


Nice drawing of the detail eh?


Dripping Blood – I wanna try next!







Look at the details on this one! I bet it took this ages to finish! Can you imagine how the nails of the right hand would look like?


More designs 🙂


Haha! I like this too!  It’s like they’re talking “What are you looking at?” kinda thing.

Do you like any of the designs? If any of them interest you, I know ye guys can definitely manage to do them too!

These two I Love! Especially the netted style one. So Classy 🙂



I hope it does inspire some of ye guys to do something new today.

Remember! Even a tiny change can make a difference! 🙂

Alrightey, just wanted to share these to ye guys. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Smile always :). Ciao ciao



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