Hey guys 🙂


I have a lipstick swatch here for some of you know I bought this lipstick a few days ago and said I would put up a swatch…the day I got it :/ I’m sorry for not posting it then.


But I have it here and wanted to show you anyways. The lipstick is a deep red and it’s a satin. It’s kinda drying through out the day…I found that. But if you put on a lip balm under you should be fine. Now I already do own two other Reds. Which you will see in a collection post soon. The ones I have aren’t as deep and as dark as this one so that’s why, after seeing it on Jenn from Clothesencounters, I had to get it! The lipstick is a red, but it has a purple undertone to it.



It is a gorgeous colour and you can see it on me in my previous Outfit post 🙂


What do you think? Would you dare to wear a deep, dark red like this?


You are Beautiful!





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