Wishlist Weekend! Double trouble

Hey guys!

Ana and I have been talking about how much we’ve been wanting a lot of stuffs lately with so many online shops booming and the clothes, shoes accessories are just ahhh *drools.. that we can hardly keep track of em all! 😀
So we decided to make a wishlist weekend! *oh Santa! hope you’re reading our blog now! 🙂

Here we’ll be posting our top picks within the week that we’d soo love to have! I know ye guys definitely have something too, right? So post em up as well and let us know, maybe we can see and suggest other stores that might have your wishlist item into a more wallet friendly price :)..

A – We’ve decided to show you 5 pieces of clothing that we have found while lurking on the internet…we wanted 5 because if we didn’t pick it this post would be 3 or 4 pages long haha… or more :/ It’s a tough job narrowing it down!

To be honest it’s not that hard to find things we like haha. So here it goes…hope that you will find something too from what we show you 🙂

I keep going back to the same websites all the time and especially these two which I will show you now:


On their Facebook page a week or two ago (don’t remember) they were putting up photos of the new stock that they would have up on their site and all of them were aaaaaahhhhh…. But this stood out to me and loved it when I saw it. Now they’re stuff is vintage so if you like something you better grab it!

Also I have been seeing a lot of Faux Fur coats and they have gorgeous Vintage ones…I love this one in particular

The next site which I keep going back to and you may already know is…. High Heels Suicide

Still waiting for the candy top to be back in stock but here’s what I’m lusting over too 🙂 They are having free shipping until the 31st 😀 Just use code BLACKCAT

Asos right now are having a 70% off sale and jeepers…there’s so many good things! I love this dress

And there’s these boots that I have seen on LLYMLRS and love them so much!! Think they’re from Zara

Gorgeous eh? But….ok I couldn’t resist…I have two show you these two other items I would love to have also and they’re both from Regal Rose

They are having free delivery for UK on any order with code TREATUK and they have free International delivery on orders over £12 with the code TREAT12 Brilliant eh? 😀 Enjoy shopping! It’s on from the 26th-31st of this month!

Sooooo pretty! Anyways that’s what I would love to get right now! Need…want….

T – Haha! Ah Ana! you got me in there with the items from Regal Rose. I love those too, though I guess I have to show a different one :).

Alright, this one that I picked is a like a childhood dream to have! I’ve always wanted chained ring-bracelet eversince. Well I have but this one is lavishing!

As you can see, it is a gunmetal black multi-layered chain harness. It embellishes the side of our already beautiful hand!

Next is this Shrugged Long Sleeve dress from Romwe.


I love this one! Yes, it’s very simple yet Elegant :). By the way, they are having a Halloween Sale so ye guys go ahead and check out their stuff! Free Shipping Worldwide 🙂

This one is not a shocker and I bet I’m not the only one that has this on their wishlist (well unless ye already have it!). I present to you, tan tan tan tan— the Jeffrey Campbell Lita!

*droools, Oh sorry about that. Haha, I gotta have these first before the spiked Lita. Who wouldn’t want em?

And to complete the outfit, is this Studded Fringe Body Bag!

I’ve seen it from one actress before, I forgot who but was mesmerized! This one is from Nasty Gal which Ana helped me to find :). Though I also have my eyes on eBay that has exactly the same style which is from Topshop but it cost less!

Ok, so my lists so far are all black (ye get the idea of me being dark i guess) and I decided to put some colour to it.
This is also from Romwe.

It’s the Galaxy Print Scarf. Though I won’t be needing it at the moment in my place, I still love it! What do you think? Cute eh?
Ok this is totally out of the blue and just saw it now! I have to include this!

Spiked Desire Ear Cuff! They are from UrbanOG and let me tell you, the price is goood! If you’re into ear cuffs, have a look because they do have a lot of styles you can choose from.

Alrightey! Did you see any that you liked? What ye think of our wishlists? Let us know! Also, if ye guys have wishlists too, ye can definitely show us. We’ll do our best to check sites for ye, just like with my fringe bag :).

Have a great weekend everybody!
You are beautiful.
Smile Always! ciao ciao

Ana & Toni


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