Hey guys 🙂

Well today while I was in our local shopping centre I decided to get my eyebrows threaded…because my eyebrows were so unruly! I normally pluck them to keep them in the shape I like but  since I got them done a couple of months ago in Inglot I didn’t maintain them :/ I should have though because…

It hurt like hell getting them threaded!! Jeepers it was like digging nails into you…especially when she was going slow! I got them done at the Body Shop and it cost €12. Am I went in and said hello to the girl, she didn’t ask me what I wanted so I just said I’d like to keep them natural. By natural I meant for them to stay kinda like they are just wanted the strays gone. Now she herself had thin eyebrows..actually almost the same as I hav them now. That’s why I said I just want them natural because I was fearing that she will make them thinner…and it came true 😦 They’re way thinner than what they were. Okay they’re not bad but I do prefer my bushier eyebrows.

She was fast…my eyebrows are even…but just wish she would have asked me what I wanted and was more engaging. I felt like she just wanted to get the job done. She did do a good job though. The Body Shop has a loyalty card that your 6th one will be free but to be honest if I still can’t get used to them being this thin I don’t think I’ll go back. But I guess I can say that I tried threading 😀 I was always curious.

You’ll see my new eyebrows in an outfit post soon 🙂

But tell me what do you prefer tweezing or threading your eyebrows? Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded professionally? Did you have the same experience of it hurting?

Oh! I have a new adventure that I will be sharing with you soon 😀

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