Taste of Blood

Well hello guys! Halloween is just eeghh days away and I decided to change my nail polish :). This really is out of nowhere, thinking I’ll try and do a bloody nail one!

So, what ye guys think? Does it look like I just finished devouring a bloody meat using just with my bare hands? or nail that is.. I’d be soo happy if it does, this is just my first time too!
Here’s a quick step on doing this by the way –

Just have your nail varnish ready with your clear coat.

I chose to have two different tones of red. The lighter one is the Oxblood shade that I used in the previous DIY and the darker polish is deep wine.

First up, is to put two coats of Oxblood colour in all your nails just like this.

Let them dry, give your nails a wiggle here and there. Once they are dried up, get a cotton and nail polish remover. We’re going to take off the top part of the nail polish but, only put a small amount because we want to leave traces of the nail polish as well, not completely take them off. Strokes will be from top going to the middle part of your nails only. Have a look and this is what I mean :).

Alright, after that, get the darker shade polish and put one to two coats over the tip of your nails, don’t worry if it’s messy, that’s actually what we want! Also, for further effect, when the nail brush is drying off dont dip it in yet, what you do is lightly give the top part of your nails strokes so it will have bits of the dark shade. And that’s it! You can put clear top coat if you like though it will make your nails smooth – just like this last photo. If you want the messy rough look, you can leave the nail polish as it is – which is the very first photo.

I prefer the first photo because it looks more realistic! You can just then put DIY fake bloods in your hands if you’re going for the trick :).
So what’s your reaction guys? Do you like it? Any suggestions or questions do let me know! What are ye going as for this Halloween? Hope this gives a little inspiration. This is just an experiment for me, which turns out to be a good thing at least, you guys should try some stuffs too!
Have a great one guys. Smile!
Ciao ciao..



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