Weekend Wishlist…..Mmm

Well hello! Hows your weekend guys? It’s time again for our wishlist weekend! Do you have yours ready?


Starting off from my list is these Rainbow Peace Sunglasses! They’re hype and kinda gives you a positive energy. I want! Be fun, be different 🙂


What I have next is this unique top from Unif. It looks very soft doesn’t it? Well it does too, it is a cotton sleeveless tank with a print saying that I love :). Which I’d totally wear with the rainbow glasses above as they contradict each other in a weird way.


This refine dress is from myfoxhouse. The structural print caught my eyes and I’ll definitely wear this with my long panda necklace, kinda feel like the prints are bamboo trees, especially with the colour like, imagination gone wild. Haha!


This gorgeous Levi’s High waisted short is from seeyouinthewoods by yours truly Ana. I’m a skirt and shorts kinda girl really :). By the way, this short is up for grabs so check out the shop! And yes, a bit of customization will surely brighten up your style!


Last but not the least! ooh excited* is this shoulder chain body harness. What you think? I love this piece! Saw this one in eBay and I’m actually thinkin of getting one. :). Don’t be limited by how they use the item, this can still be worn with tops, for example those camo tops which will definitely add a military effect to it. If not as a shoulder harness, you can swift it to the middle and voila! you have an instant necklace on the go! :)..


So, what do you think guys? Like any of the pieces we’ve chosen? Have you made your wishlist this weekend by the way?

Smile Always! Ciao ciao


I have a very dark wish list…mainly all dark clothes haha 🙂 By the way Toni thank you 🙂

Of course one of the items has to be from High Heels Suicide 🙂 LA knows how to make gorgeous clothes! I’m in love with this jumper!

and this tank

I have to include something from Unif…I love Unif!

I’m loving them! But of course the black ones are out of stock everywhere 😦 The grey and indigo ones though are in stock and are actually nice. But I guess I do prefer the black ones 😦

I love this jumper from Yayer…the colour is gorgeous! Actually I have a Yayer dress for sale in my shop See You In The Woods and it’s in the lustful colour Oxblood…if you wanna have a look see you can 🙂

I discovered this brand yesterday while going on my twitter and reading the feeds and came across a recommendation and so I checked out their shop happy 🙂 I wanna get this beanie! They let me know, though that they will have their A/W beanies in the store this week coming so I will be checking for that! And I will also be getting some of their spikes to customise 😀 Check them out… SICKSTUDS

Anyways hope you liked our Weekend Wishlist and hmm…do you like anything?

What is your Wishlist this weekend?

You are Beautiful!



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