I’m in love with HHS

Hey guys πŸ™‚

I have a post for you to tell you about my obsession with High Heels Suicide and LA’s blog and style! Ye probably have already guessed my obsession with High Heels Suicide clothes…it has appeared twice or three times now in my wishlist πŸ˜€

I love this brand…I actually forget when I found about them but I think I have been following LA on instagram for a while now. She has gorgeous style! I find myself liking every instagram pic of hers because….well you should see for yourself. Go check out her instagram! and her Tumblr.

She’s so sweet and I love her shop.

I already own a hoodie of hers and I plan on purchasing more and more! I will be purchasing one of her tanks…now I know it’s freezing here but I really love them! I can’t wait for the cotton candy to be back in stock though! I keep checking every week and it’s still sold out 😦

I’m thinking of buying her flower cross tank, the black cross jumper, the heart cardigan, the ice cream tank, the cupcakealicious tank, the love you tank, the hate you tank…all of her stufff!

You might think woah! hold your horses that’s loads, but me…loooooooveeeeee her items!!

My beloved cotton candy….You will be miiiiiinee

I love you High Heel Suicide! I love you and your style LA!

Follow her:



InstagramΒ @highheelsuicide (if link doesn’t work πŸ™‚ )




High Heel Suicide



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