Violet Darkling…

Hey guys 🙂

I wanted to let ye know of this gorgeous Designer Jewellery Brand…Violet Darkling. They have jewellery for women and men and they are gorgeous..dark and mysterious! I found them on Young Republic…you really should go there and browse because the products they have there are amazing!

Violet Darkling is the alter ego of creator and designer Louisa Richwhite. Her jewellery pieces are unique and I love their gothic aesthetic. I can just imagine a gorgeous Vampire walking down the grand staircase with one of the pieces.

“Violet Darkling’s unique collection of jewellery is sculptured in silver and gold and dripping with semi-precious stones. These distinctive pieces are a collector’s item and true statements of quality and originality.”

I love how elegant they are even though they do exude a darkness….I am in love with the spider necklace above! There’s matching earrings also and I love them also…You could wear them with a gorgeous Deep Red Velvet Dress…

I asked the designer a couple of questions so ye could get to know more about her and her designs.

When was it when you fell in love with designing and have you always wanted to sell your own jewellery pieces?

When I was at school I had such a short attention span, the only thing that caught my interested was fashion & Design. I ended up spending classes in my own world designing clothes and accessories all over my exercise books and files. I started to make my own clothes and when I got my first sewing machine at 15; I had no idea about technicalities like pattern cutting, it was all about draping and in a kind of Vivienne Westwood way. I wore my designs and received loads of compliments which led me to London to study fashion design. I never considered jewellery until I designed pieces an had them made for my final degree show which attracted a lot of attention, and it progressed from there. It’s incredible to be making a career out of it now.

Why did you choose to sell your jewellery on Young Republic?

We have jewellery in the UK, Russia, USA, and most recently China but I’m from New Zealand so I have always wanted to sell from my part of the world. Young Republic is exclusively our only distributor in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m also a big fan of any sort of platform that helps independent designers get their name out there, and the site is a really great way to find unique pieces.

What has inspired you to design the pieces which you have designed?

My childhood had a big impact on my interest in dark stories as the island I lived on was so solitary. Books like The Brothers Grimm were escapism for me and they lead me to the idea of having an alter-ego, a person you can hide behind. I like that idea of having an innocent side and a dark side, which is how I came up with Violet Darkling – a crazier, amplified version of me. That progressed into merging the two ideas of the night and unusual animals, which naturally progressed into me using nocturnal creatures in my work. I am also very inspired by things that contradict each other, for example Tarsiers are carnivorous but also incredibly shy animals – I contrast this by using precious stones in their mouths so they look like jewel thieves of the night.

How long does it take to design one of your pieces?

I’m a perfectionist so it can take forever sometimes – months and months! To create the Fossa ring I collected heaps of different pictures of Fossas and created hundreds of drawings, taking different characteristics and facial expressions from each one then eventually I merged them all into one Fossa. I’ll then start constantly improving it – the Fossa actually started out as a necklace holding a precious stone in its mouth, and then it gradually evolved into a ring biting the finger.

Do you look at the trends or do you just do your own thing? 

I’ve always done my own thing! Trends come and go and I want my jewellery to be timeless and worth investing in. I like to think that my jewellery is something you would want to keep forever.

And which designer is your favourite and which inspires you the most? 

I loved Luella. If her brand was still going my whole wardrobe would be made up of it – I have a baby pink satin corseted dress with a huge skirt that I will keep forever. I love how her brand is cute, girly and dark at the same time; it has that element of contradiction that I also love to integrate into my work.

Here are more of her pieces….It would be a great Christmas present! 🙂

I am in love with that ring!

As you can see…Gorgeous! And you won’t need to worry about the quality…

So…what do you think guys?

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