Skin…why you hate Korres and most of the organic products I’ve tried!

Hey guys 🙂


Wow that is a long title haha but it sums up what I have been suffering..kinda. I don’t know if you know but I mentioned, in my face of the day post, that I had bought a Korres moisturiser  and had tried it that same day. Well I’ve got an update for you on the moisturiser…I know normally you wait a few months before knowing if a product is doing anything but well I only had to wait till yesterday to know that the moisturiser does not agree with my skin 😦

I’ve had an allergic reaction to it :/ I noticed yesterday that my skin was a bit itchy and there were little red patches on my forehead, don’t know why I didn’t take any notice of it though. So I again put on the moisturiser, and my foundation…the whole shabang. Last night, it felt worse…my skin was horrendously itchy and more red so I took an antihistamine. Went to bed and woke up this morning with a burning sensation on my skin…my skin swollen (the swelling has gone down now thank god!) and red as a tomato! Not a pretty sight eh ehehe. I took the antihistamine again and put on the aqueous cream all over my face. The heat affects it….it feels a little better now but I have to continuously put on the aqueous cream.

I don’t know what ingredients I’m allergic to so it’s really annoying that I keep getting allergic reactions without knowing what the cause is :/ But it seems like most of the organic products I’ve tried are affecting it….so my skin likes chemicals. So much for me wanting to use organic products :/

I will be sticking to what I know my skin likes so I don’t think I can ever review any new stuff I would love to try 😦

Anyways here is what my skin looks like now….you cant really see the redness because most of it has gone down thanks to the cream I’m using.

Now I’m not saying that this will happen to you, of course, it’s just what I am experiencing with it. I did think, when I put it on yesterday that it was moisturising and I really loved the gel consistency of it. I can’t really say I recommend it as I only put it on twice but if you would like to, and don’t suffer from allergies, then try it. It’s for oily and combination skin 🙂

Have any of ye tried this product in particular or any of the others? What did you think?

You are Beautiful!



2 thoughts on “Skin…why you hate Korres and most of the organic products I’ve tried!

  1. I started using the Korres night cream about six days ago, over which time my face got progressively more itchy! I’ve never had an allergic reaction before, so I had no idea what was going on. Then I thought it was my scarf or turtleneck that was causing the reaction. Once the itch spread up from my neck to my hairline I realized it was the Korres. I am returning mine immediately to Sephora. I liked the lotion aside from the itch it causes, but there should have been a disclaimer on it that it contains allergens and what the common reactions are!

    • Oh jeepers…yea there really should be a disclaimer. I wish I hadn’t thrown out my receipt when I got it so I could’ve returned it but that’s good you’re returning it. Hope you find a better night cream. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 ❤

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