Bloggers Wardrobe

Hey guys 🙂

I came across this site when the lovely Annalise Grech wrote about it on her blog Pastel Bokeh. It is an opportunity for bloggers to get to tell you and bring you brands that maybe you’ve never heard of before. Which I love…I love being able to find great brands for you but of course ones that I actually like and you might like too.

They have quite a bit of brands and I’m loving a few…of course.

The first of these brands is


“Minimarket was founded by the three sisters Sofie, Jennifer and Pernilla Elvestedt in 2006. Today, a Minimarket collection consists of heavy knit garments, shoes and accessories.”

(Bloggers Wardrobe)

I love the dark colours…

The next brand is


They are a watch brand…I love the big dials they have and the masculinity.

“TRIWA is an acronym for TRansforming the Industry of WAtches. Their aim is to add attitude to the conservative watch industry, summarized in their tag line “adding colour.” “The company was founded in Stockholm in 2007 by four individuals with the mutual belief that there was more to watches then the traditional time keeping device.”

(Bloggers Wardrobe)

The second last brand is

Vintage by Fe

“Vintage by Fé is a Swedish fashion and accessories brand founded in 2008. Ambition was to create a label that appeals to women of all ages who appreciate unique, beautiful items with a touch of vintage. Items that are very feminine, yet a bit rough, made from dynamic, materials.”

(Bloggers Wardrobe)

Her pieces are gorgeous…some I really like.

Last brand I want to mention is


“Julia Lundsten has made a name for herself as a most promising and gifted shoe designer, with her label FINSK, launched in 2004. London based, Finnish born Lundsten, who has been dubbed the Eames of footwear, has established herself as a designer with a strong vision and unique, directional style. The renowned FINSK wooden wedge is already a 21st century style icon, and Finsk has become a fixture at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week through Lundsten’s collaborations with Ports 1961 and Basso & Brooke.”

(Bloggers Wardrobe)

The shoes are so extravagant and daring that I must show one more!

I love how different they are!

Anyways they were the brands that I found were my favourite ones. If you wanna check out Bloggers Wardrobe then do! 😀

Check out their Website

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What do you think?



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