Oxblood Obsession

So…Oxblood, the colour of the season… Our obsession.

From all the colours of this season the one that is hypnotising, delicious and luxurious is the colour Oxblood. We have been lusting over this colour and we soo wish we had something in our wardrobe that was that colour!

There’s a sexiness about this colour…it makes it lustful. Could it be because it’s in the family of the colour of passion? Or could it be because when we see it we think immediately of blood…vampires…vampires sucking your blood?

There’s something about this colour that is really hypnotising and mouth watering!


These are my picks of this trend and yes I would wear this altogether! As long as the pieces are different textures and I guess variation of the colour you can wear the same colour at once 🙂 Al of these items can be found in Asos




Here are some of my picks for the Oxblood collection that I would actually love to include in our wishlist! Love her top and boots.




I’m going to show one style on how I would wear them :). I chose to have a nude coloured top to go with this gorgeous skirt paired with a Jeffrey Campbell Lita.

and for the studded short, I chose a darker side, having it with a black top from high heels suicide and the dr martens. I’d tuck in the front part of the shirt for a bit of style and also to show the studs it has.

I’d probably lose the stockings in this one but the dress is ooooh yummy!

what about these shoes right?!


That concludes our Oxblood obsession! What do ye guys think? Are you obsessed with this colour as we are?

You are Beautiful!


6 thoughts on “Oxblood Obsession

    • Haha…it reminds me of interview with the vampire and the scene where Louis and Lestat are with the ladies of the night. Love that scene. But yes I’m in love with oxblood. Weird the way I don’t own anything that colour.

    • I could never walk in heels either…until I got the jeffrey campbell lita espanas! Well…they’re the only high heels I wear haha. They feel like you’re wearing flats. Definitely recommend them!

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