Melting Violet-Motel

Hey guys šŸ™‚


I wanted to show you guys a dress from Motel Rocks that I won a month/month and a half back on EtailPR Facebook Page. Go there because they have amazing competitions going with great companies!

I was able to choose a dress that I wanted from the whole Motel website…I was so indecisive because well…you can’t just pick one Motel Rocks Dress! I wanted the green sequined one but I was thinking of where I could wear it and since I don’t go out I wouldn’t really have anywhere to wear it so I picked the gorgeous Melting Violet one.


Gorgeous dresses!

I am in love with the melting violet print and it’s just as gorgeous in person! The only down side is that the top part falls down unless you get a double sided tape and tape yourself to the top šŸ™‚

Instagram picture of when I wore it to my boyfriends house. I stil haven’t been able to take photos. Just waiting till my boyfriend can take more photos šŸ™‚

Get 30% off your Motel Rocks Purchase wiith code elizabethsbeauty today only!

Detail shot of the print

By the way guys TODAY ONLY you can get 30% off at Motel Rocks with the code elizabethsbeauty


Let me know if you got anything šŸ™‚ Would love to see what you got! What do you think of Motel Rocks?


You are Beautiful!




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