Hey guys!

I want to share this shop to ye that I just recently found out in twitter, I’m still a newbie in that social network site so still in the process of discovering people to follow, haha. By the way, you can follow me too @Mstoni07.

Alright, going back to business – they’re called Internaçionale (as my title says). Some of ye might know them already, but for the rest, I’m spreading the word! They have number of stores opened in UK already and online shop for us around the world to check.

The first thing I look at when browsing newly found shops? Dresses!
Internaçionale dresses was able to grab my full attention and stay in the site. Here are some of my favourite picks!

 Laces and Baroques are just wow!

Ivory Lace Shirt Dress

Neptune Flock Lace Skater Dress

Red Flocked Baroque Dress and Ivory Baroque Bodycon Dress

Love love the details and textures! and the colour too! Will definitely wear these pieces if I get the chance.


Peplum Attack

Been seeing a lot of peplum style again lately. These three I chose can be worn in and out of the office. Love the way they shape on your body also boost the assets if needed! Err kinda like mine >_<. haha.

Ivory Lace Peplum Dress   Red Ponti Peplum Dress      Ivory Panel Peplum Dress

Finally, found a  Striped Blazer! I need this, might make some magic and make me look like a have a longer upper body! haha!

Also love this Crimson Foil Crucifix Sweat. Goes with my oxblood obsession, looks so soft and comfy too.


Speaking of soft and comfy, Internacionale also have some Pjs in their lists :).

Aren’t they cute? These two are my fav!



And last but not the least! Did ye think I’ll forget about accessories? Of course not! haha.


The prices? Very reasonable as well! 🙂
Do you like any of my picks? If so, do check em out ladies! clickity click here -> Internaçionale

You can follow them too in twitter @internacionale
And Good News! UK Standards are for free shipping! Whew! Lucky Girls 🙂

Alright, Thanks for tuning in guys! Weekend’s coming again, get your wishlist ready!

Have a wonderful day. Smile 🙂
Ciao ciao.


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