Dear Santa…

This is my Christmas Wishlist… I have been nice Santa I pwomise πŸ™‚ Soo…I would love these gorgeous items!
First I would love the AMAZING sequin Motel Rocks Dress…I want to sparkle this christmas and well party season πŸ™‚Β 20% off your Motel Rocks item with code elizabethsbeauty
I have been wanting these Unif Hellbounds for ages now…please I want them to be under the tree Santa.
I love the gorgeous Zara coat and I would love to get it also and I would love to get the gorgeous Snake armlet from Folkster.
This is my list Santa….hope it’s not too much πŸ™‚
What is on your Christmas Wishlist?
ADear Santa...

8 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. i love your picks and collage! and the hellbounds <3! if Santa visits, please tell him i am waiting too!

    ps : i feel that if we went shopping together we'd probably get everything in double! love your stylish picks

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